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Make Money With Amazon Kindle Publishing 

What Is Amazon Kindle

Selling ebooks on the Amazon Kindle Store platform, has certainly become a popular way for people to make money Online from home. However, although it is a good way for you to start your own ebook writing business, there are some things you need to know, to maximise your chance of success.

This simple guide will highlight the basic things you need to consider if you want to publish with Amazon Kindle and will hopefully set you on the right track to success on the Amazon Kindle platform and become an Amazon best-selling author in no time!

you’ll have all the information you need to start your own publishing business even have your book up by this weekend


Why Use Amazon Kindle

Kindle publishing has the potential to generate you royalties and passive income from multiple different countries, using Amazon which is now one of the biggest search engines in the world. Millions of people use the Amazon Kindle store to find ebooks that they can download and read on a number of Amazon Kindle devices.

There are two really good reasons why you should consider writing and and selling Kindle ebooks and they are:

  1. Kindle ebooks are hugely popular
  2. Amazon is one of the biggest selling platforms Online

They say everyone has a book in them and writing and selling ebooks is actually easier than you may think. You can write an ebook about anything and there will be people willing to buy it. Whether you write a novel, short story, How To guide or Self Help book, you can sell it through the Amazon Kindle store. However, the secret to making money through ebooks, is to provide people with useful information they can use. If you can provide relevant information that people need, they will buy your ebooks!

Create a good looking ebook cover and one that stands out from the crowd, to help people see your ebook and make them click on it to find out more. Having review about your ebook will help sell it and if you can try to get as many people to leave reviews, will help promote your ebooks and generate more sales.

It may seem a daunting task at first to write an ebook but once ou have decided what topic you wish to write about and have done a little researh, then the whole process is pretty easy and straight forward.

There are now many great tool available that make writing, designing and publishing your own ebooks very easy and very cheap, which you can find at the bottom of tis page.. 


How Much Can You Earn:

As with most things, the amount you earn will be determined on the volume of sales you create. You can earn up to as much as 70% per sale selling Kindle ebooks, which means you only have to sell a few ebooks every week, to earn you a nice steady income. The added bonus about writing and publishing ebooks, is that they will provide you with a passive income for life. This means that once you have written your ebooks, they will keep selling and you will not have to do an extra work, once they are published.

Now you may be thinking that Kindle books are sometimes free or they are a pound or three pound, so how much money can I really make? Well, there are methods that people are using to generate tens of thousands of pounds every month from their Kindle ebooks. The key is, some ebooks might make you £100-£200 per month but if you had 5 ebooks on Amazon earn you that amount of money, then you would be generating an income of between £500-£1000 per month, passive income. These ebooks just sit on the Amazon Kindle library and provides you with a steady income each and every month! Now just imaging if you had 10, 20, 30 or more ebooks on Amazon, generating you £100-£200 per month? Once you have your ebooks uploaded to Amazon, they just sit on the platform and collect you money, month after month after month.


Amazon Kindle Business Model

The business model for selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle, is basically very simple and it is:

  • Research Kindle books
  • Write them yourself or you get other people to write them for you.
  • Format The Ebook
  • Create Cover
  • Put them on the Amazon site.
  • Maximise your earnings

As we mentioned previously, Amazon is a huge platform and if you can use it to its full potential and ensure people find your ebooks, you will make money.

These simple tasks will help to ensure you have the correct things in place to be successful with Amazon Kindle Publishing.


Getting Starting With Amazon Kindle

As we mentioned previously, there are several things you need to do when you are looking at selling ebooks on Amazon and they are, so let’s take a look at each step and why they are important:



One of the major reasons why people fail to sell their ebooks on Amazon, is because they do not understand what will seel, They fail to do their research and as a result, write an ebook (or pay for someone to write it), about something they believe will sell or that they believe people want. They spend time and money writing the book, creating the cover and then when they upload it to Amazon, cannot understand why it nobody is buying it. The simple answer to their question is, nobody wants it!

It is vital that before you even start to write a single word of your ebook, you are sure it is a subject, topic or information that people are searching for, want and will be willing to buy.

Finding A Niche

Finding a targeted niche market is essential and will pay dividends for the sales of your ebooks. You will need to find a niche that has a large audience and who are constantly looking for new information. However, although you need to find a large niche market, it is a good idea to reseach deep into that niche market and try to go at least 3 levels deep. This will ensure you have a targeted market for the topic you are talking about about.

There are several very lucrative niche market such as Health, Diet, Sport, Fitness, Self Help and Improvement to name but a few. The key to making money from these lucrative markets, is not to just address the broad subject but to be very specific and targeted.

For Example:

Take the Fitness Market, this is huge but if you just try writing your ebook on Fitness, you will struggle to capture people’s attention and emotions. However, if you go 3 levels deep in that market, you soon start to target certain people who are looking for a specific type of information.

So, if you take Fitness and the delve deeper into that market, you might find

Fitness Tracker – Fitness Tracker For Women

Fiteness Training – Fitness Training For Seniors

Fitness Planner – How To Make A Fitness Planner

Fitness When Pregnant – Fitness Yoga When Pregnant

This now give you very specific key areas that are target markets, that you can now target with your ebooks. Going three levels deep, now provides you with a number of specific topics you could write about:

Fitness Tracker For Women

Fitness Training For Seniors

How To Make A Fitness Planner

Fitness Yoga When Pregnant

Taking the information above, you could now consider writing an ebook about the best fitness trackers for women, Fitness training for seniors, how to make a fitness planner and fitness yoga when pregnant.

Your research will have shown that these are all keywords that people are searching, which will hopefully ensure you get sales. You can then write a number of different types of ebooks such as How To ebooks, Tutorials, Guides, Tips and more.

There are several different ways you can conduct your research and if you want to do it manually, you can head over to Amazon and visit the Kindle Store. Type in a specific topic you are interested in writing about and see which are the Amazon Kindle best sellers. You will be shown a number of best selling ebooks on Amazon, for that specific topic and what this does, it allows you to analyse those best selling ebooks on the Kindle Store and gather some pretty useful information for your research. Firstly, you will see what titles these ebooks have and what Keywords are being used in the titles, as well as identifying thems and what types of covers are being used for the ebooks. This will then start to provide you with ideas for your own ebooks. The really interesting thing about the majority of these best selling ebooks in the Amazon Kindle Store, is that they are created by normally average individual people and not life long established authors. They have even written the ebooks themselves or will have hired someone else such as a Ghost Writer to write the books for them.

Tip: Look for the ebooks in the BSR (Best Seller Ranking) that are less that 100k in the Best Seller Rankings.


Hiring A Ghost Writer

Hire somebody else to write your book, is a popular choice with many ebook authors. There are many reasons why so many people choose to use the services of a Ghost Writer but the main reasons are people do not feel confident writer the books themselves or simply just do not have the time to do so.

If you choose to go down this route, it means that if you get the right book and you get someone else to write it, all you are doing is doing the Marketing. Amazon is doing the selling and you just have to piece the team together. You are simply acting as the boss or the CEO of a Publishing business. If you start thinking of it like that, that you are running a Publishing business, where you just create a name or a brand name, you can soon get the ball rolling without actually being an Author.

The Health and Diet industry is great, this is a great place to start. So when you’re doing research, think about what you’re passionate about, what industry do you want concentrate on. Choose a topic or niche that you are passionate about or interested in, this will make it much easier for you, especially when you are researching and spending time writing the book.

Choosing A Niche

Write a list of industries that interest you, here are just a few to give you a few ideas:





Weight Loss



Internet Marketing


Arts & Crafts

Money Making



Obviously, just concentrate on one key area to start with and then if you write a book on a topic that is successful, you can write another in that same area. This then enable you to offer your new book to your existing customers who bought your last ebook. This allows you to start cross promotion with all your new and existing books, to a hungry audience that now like and trust you.

To summarize, what you should do is think about what you are passionate about and think about how you can solve people’s problems. One of the main reasons why people visit the Kindle Store, is to find immediate easier solutions to their own problems. Also, many people buy ebooks because they address a personal problem that they do not feel comfortable talking to other people about.

Writing Your Ebook For Amazon Kindle

Once you have decided on a topic for your ebook, you should then determine a table of content. Don’t be mistaken into believing that you need to make your book as long as you possible can. People would rather read a concise ebook that it direct and straight to the point and provide excellent valuable content with no fluff, than read a long book that is padded out and where they have to decipher the content. This simply means that if your book is 60 pages and packed full of useful content from the start, it will be better received than a book that has 300 pages of which 240 pages are full of fluff.

Step by step guides that are numbered, such as 50 ways to exercise with a fit ball, sell well. Between 6000-10,000 words is generally a good and acceptable length of ebook.

Outsourcing The Writing Of Your eBook

As we have mentioned previously, many people prefer to use the services of a Ghost Writer, rather than writing the book themselves. Obviously, going down this route will cost you money but it does save you time and effort.

There are several different platforms and networks that you can use to outsource your work but it is best to look around, read review of previous clients and use which one best suits you and your budget.


Formatting Your Ebook

In order for your book to be accepted on to the Kindle Store platform, your ebook must comply with the Amazon Kindle formatting guidline. If you do need to get your ebook formatted and you cannot do it yourself, then you can get it done on Fiverr, for a small fee.

Ebook Cover

Having a good professional looking cover, will help sell your ebook and help it to stand out from the crowd. Many people outsource the process of creating their ebook covers and use platforms such as Fiverr. The prices range from £5-£50 but to be honest, if you need to create several ebook covers, you are as well purchasing your own ebook cover creator software, which will be much more cost effective, as you will only pay one small price and then can crewate as many ebook covers are you like, at no extra cost.

Tip: Don’t go for the cheapest option because on Fiverr, you generally get what you pay for. If your budget can stretch to a premium option, then it may be worth the extra £10-£20 to receive a better quality cover.

Maximising Your Earnings

As well as selling your ebooks on Amazon, there are a number of additional ways that you can maximise your earning from your ebooks even further. Adding links to Affiliate products in your ebooks, is just one way you can make more money from your book. (Read about Affiliate Marketing here). Linking to your videos (if you have a Youtube Channel), is another way to maximise monetising your ebook. (Discover how to make money from Youtube videos here). Link your readers to a bonus page, that you offer to readers, hwere they can take advantage of a couple of free bonuses from you. These bonuses could be things as simple as short guides that then link into your sales funnel to other products.

Tip: If you do include Affiliate links in your book, just make sure you disclose them and make the reader aware.


Setting up your own Amazon Kindle Publishing business and selling ebooks via the Amazon Kindle Store, is a great way to earn a passive income Online. First, you should find a niche market, do your research and look in the Amazon Best Seller Rankings. Find ebooks that are less that 100k in the rankings. Create an eBook that will solve people’s problems and one that they are willing to buy. Write a book concise and full of valuable content without any fluff and between 6000-10000 words. Write the ebook yourself or hire the services of a Ghost Writer and create a professional looking cover, that will grab the attention of potential buyers.



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