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Ok, so entering competitions may not seem like a stable way to earn an income Online but there are many people who actually do make signifcant amounts of money frpm competions. There are now a large number of websites that offer a variety of competitions in a number of different areas and with a huge amount of prizes. The prizes can be a range of things, including products, cash prizes, holidays vouchers and more.

Now, although Competitions are not actually a business venture as such, they are a way that can earn you money and are a way in which many people use to make extra money Online.

The first thing we should say is that this is definitely not a guaranteed way to make money and is not a way you can rely on a regular income. This said, it can be a way you can make money or win prizes with great value and that is why we have included it in the list.


Things To Consider When Entering Competitions


Be Positive

CompetitionsIt sounds daft but if you are positive about winning, you will be more likely to be successful if you are positive, than if you are negative saying you will not win. If you have the attitude that you won’t win, then the simple outcome will be, you won’t even bother entering!

As the saying goes, “You Have To Be In It To Win It!” and entering competitions allows you the chance to win prizes. Now, as we mentioned previously, there are so many different types of prizes to be won including, cash prizes, holidays, gift vouchers, cars and more.



Be Aware

There are now so many different competitions that are run by companies online, as well as on radio, in the newspapers, on Television and so many more. However, although there are a huge number of competitions advertised, some are more ‘Spammy’ than others and are just really set up to collect your data. A great rule of thumb, is simply to enter the competition that are ‘familiar’ brands and that you know are legitimate. If the links to the websites look fake, then simply avoid them.

Also, keep your eye out for any ‘Tick’ boxes that ask you whether you want to receive emails etc from third parties. If you don’t want you email address or details to be passed or sold onto any third parties, ensure you tick the appropriate box opting out.


Set Up A Separate Email Address

Let’s face it, if you want to start winning lots of prizes, you will have to start entering a lot more competitions. This means that you will generally start to receive more emails from the companies who’s competitions you have previously entered. They will start letting you know about their latest competitions and you really don’t want these emails to start landing in your personal email account. It is a really good idea to set up a new email address, that is specifically designated to your competitions. Choose an email address that is short and memorable, as you will be filling in a lot of competition forms, so make it easier on yourself by using a short email address.


Save Time

Use your time more efficiently and use the auto fill function on your web browser or use a software such as RoboForm, that fills in all the entry form quickly.


Where To Find Competitions

Competitions are literally everywhere. Whether you are surfing the Internet, looking in a magazine or newspaper, listening to the radio, on the train, in the airport, at a petrol station, you will say the word ‘WIN’. Just look and listen for that one word and you will be amazed at how many competition you come across. The great thing is, that the majority of these competitions you se and hear, you can enter immediately from your phone, laptop or computer.


Social Media Competitions

Social Media is massive and some of the larger Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great ways to find competitions. Following brands you like on these Social Media platforms, will allow you to source some really good competitions.

To find competitions on Facebook, simply go to search and then type in either win, competitions or giveaway. Then on the left hand side of Facebook, you can then alter what you wish to see and can select the dates etc.


Radio Stations

Many Radio Stations now run competitions where you can win prizes. Several local stations have now started to offer cash prizes and the amounts of some cash prizes are considerable. Yes, they do tend to have larger amounts of people entering them but it is certainly worth the effort, especially if you win big!

Tip: If it is a radio station or stations that you listen to regularly and the competitions require you to phone in, have the Radio Stations number of ‘Speed Dial’.



There are a large number of websites that now run competitions. Many larger brands run their own competitions direct from their websites, which require you to either purchase something from their website or describe a product. There are also a number of websites that a specifically set up for competitions and these can be a really good source for finding competitions but as we mentioned previously, just be aware as to where the links you click on are directing you to.



This is one place that so many people do not realise competitions are advertised and as a result, do not take advantage of. This in turn means that fewer people enter, which only increases your chance of winning if you enter! The majority of competitions on receipts are ‘text through’ and simply require you to text through your thoughts on your experience whilst shopping in the store, to be entered into the draw. It costs nothing, take very little time and could bag you a nice little prize!



Just look around when you are out and about in your local area and you will be astounded at where you will see local competitions. In your local supermarket, beauty salon, bakery, leisure centre, newspaper, radio, garage, restaurants and more.


Tips To Help You Win More Competitions


Increase Your Odds:

The majority of people that regular win competitions do so by increasing their odds. One way that they achieve this, is simply by entering the competitions that most other people do not. The type of competitions are usually competitions that have a ‘words or less’ component, that are said to be more creative and might require a photo upload or that may require you to buy a simple product from the supermarket. What this does, is increases your odds of winning and by continually increasing your odds, will hopefully win you more prizes.

The difference in this method, is that most people enter the larger competitions for larger prizes, that only you to enter an email. This then results in ten if not hundreds of thousands of people entering these competitions, reducing the odds of you winning.

The Supermarket competitions nowadays, generally do not attract large amounts of entrants but still offer big prizes!


More Effort

It sounds very obvious but the more effort you put in, will bring you better results. This can mean either entering the competitions that just don’t require you to enter your email but actually require you to be creative. Whether it requires you to upload a photo, video, leave a comment on a website, write a short description, answer a question, create a logo or caption, if you put in the effort automatically increases your chance of winning. This is simply because fewer people will enter these types of competitions. Also, entering more competitions is key and although it does require more effort, it will be worth the effort when you start winning more prizes.


Smaller Competitions

Obviously, the competitions with larger prizes are certainly more attractive but the competitions that have smaller prizes, can be well worth entering, especially when nots so many people enter them. Let’s face it, if you can win more competitions with smaller prizes, there are so many advantages to doing so. Whether you keep the prizes yourself or gift them as presents to others, they are worth winning!


Words Or Less Competitions

As we have previously mentioned, the ‘Words or Less’ type competitions get fewer entrants. The ‘Words or Less’ competitions, are basically competitions that require you to describe something in 25, 50, 100, 200 etc words or less. A really good tip for entering these types of competitions, is to simply include the brand name of the promoter in your text. The reason for this is because if there are a significant amount of entries, the company running the completion, may just do a quick search for all entries that include their brand name. They may then take all the entries that have included their brand name and choose a winner from those entries.


Don’t Use Too Many Words

If the competitions states a certain amount of words, ensure you use that amount of words or under. Do not be tempted to use one or two words extra because your entry will not be accepted. If you think you have more words, you can try to abbreviate them or shorten the words.


Early Entries

It is always a good idea to get your entry in early.


Read The Rules and Terms & Conditions

It is very important to ensure you understand the rules and the terms and conditions to any competition. There is no point spending your time entering a competition if you will miss the deadline, cannot make the date of travel, are too old or too young or simply do not qualify or are eligible to enter. Always read the rules and Terms & Conditions prior to entering any competition.



  1. Be Positive
  2. Set Up Email Address
  3. Keep Your Eye Out For The Chance To WIN
  4. Try to enter 3 or more competitions every day if you have time
  5. Put in a little more effort than just entering competitions that just require your email
  6. Enter competitions with smaller prizes and don’t ignore them, as they are generally easier to win
  7. In ‘Words or Less’ competitions, don’t forget to include the brand name of the company running the competition.
  8. Stick to the rules
  9. Have the Radio Stations number on speed dial.
  10. Read The Rules and Terms & Conditions

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