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How To Make More Money From Ebooks

You may or may not already be familiar with eBooks but if you are, you will know just how good and beneficial they can be. If you are not familiar with them and today is the first time you have really heard about them, you will soon discover just how useful they can be to people and how they can begin to make you a nice little income on the side.

This guide is not designed to offer you a step by step way of how to create your own eBook but is simply designed to offer you an idea of how yo can use eBooks to make more money alongside your regular income.

What Are eBooks

Ebooks How To PublishBasically, an eBook is a book, report, guide or information document that is in a digital format and that can be read on any electronic reader device. Ebooks have certainly gained popularity over the past few years due to the Internet and there are several very good reason why they are so popular.


Why Are eBooks So Popular

Ebooks are popular because they can be distributed easily online, they can be downloaded at the click of a button, do not cost the writer any more money to print and do not require storage space like a traditional book. EBooks are great because people can simply store them on their laptop, desktop, iPad, Tablet or phone and as a result, have instant access to them at anytime, anywhere and do not have to carry them around in their bags as they would with a normal book.

The very fact that once an eBook has been created and can be distributed without any extra cost, means that it can be sold for much less money than the price of a traditional book.

You only have to look at all the major book publishers who are now transferring their back catalogues onto downloadable eBook formats, to see just how much in demand eBooks have become!

How Can You Make Money From eBooks

There are several ways you can begin to make money from eBooks but the best way and most profitable way to make money from eBooks is to write and create them yourself. Now, if you are thinking to yourself ‘But I know nothing about creating an eBook or have no writing skills’ fear not, there are ways you can overcome these obstacles very easily. If you really do not have any inclination to write or create your own eBook, then you can simply buy eBooks with ‘Resell Rights’ and start to sell them! We will cover ‘Resell Rights’ a little later.

You can also have your eBook written for you for a one off cost and this is a very easy way to build your eBook business.

Why Create Your Own eBook

They say that everyone has at least one book in them and this saying really is true. Despite what you may think, you will hold some information or knowledge that other people will want or will find beneficial or interesting. It may be something related to your line of work or profession or it may be something to do with your hobbies or experiences, it may even be tips or solutions to help solve other people’s problems. The fact is, you will have something that other people want and are willing to pay for!

Information is King and more and more individual people have made their fortunes by selling information. If you can offer information that people want and are searching for, you can become very wealthy.

What eBooks To Create

The best selling eBooks are the ones that provide the reader with solutions to their problems or ones that help them in some way or another. ‘How To’ ebooks are very popular and if you can corner a niche market and provide people with solutions to their problems, you will soon be on the road to make a small fortune through your eBook business.

There are certain niches that are very popular and ones that will always attract people’s attention and compel them into purchasing your ebook. The following niches are just a few of the ‘Hot’ topics that always sell well:

Weight Loss, Money Making, Internet Marketing, Self Help, Fitness and Money Saving

Obviously, it is your decision as to what subject you write your eBooks about but the above are all good areas to start. However, these areas are highly competitive and if you are planning on writing about any of the above topics, you should ensure that your content is new, unique and exclusive. People want to learn new information and not recycled information that has been published in hundreds of other publications in the past.

Always remember that you are trying to build a business and that you are trying to build a customer base that will continue to buy your new products in the future. The best way to ensure this is to gain their trust for you to become an authoritative figure in their eyes.


Creating Your eBook

There are many different ways in which you can create an ebook and I do not want to go into them in this guide, as we have FREE information available in the ‘Members Area’.

  1. Deciding On A Topic And Writing: The first step is deciding a topic on what you are going to write your eBook about. This can sometimes be the hardest part for many people, especially when it is their first time. It sounds silly but writing the first paragraph can prove difficult but once you get going, you will find that it soon begins to flow. Simply take it one page at a time and you will soon get the hang of it!


  1. Decide On A Format: Once your ebook is written, you will need to decide on what format your eBook will be in and also decide on the design of the eBook.


  1. Distribution: Today, it is much easier to get your new eBook into the hands of targeted buyers. There are several roads you can venture down that all provide different ways to distribute your eBooks and it is even possible to begin selling your eBook on Amazon and through other major Publishing websites.


How To Start Writing An Ebook

Writing ebooks can be as quick as you want or as long and complicated as you want. However, in the beginning, you just want to start creating your ebooks quickly, so you can get them out to the public.

Depending on how much time you wish to dedicate to writing your ebooks, you could easily have one written within a day or you could take as long as a week, a month or a year to write one.

There are several different types of ebooks you can create very easily and the following list the most popular types.

Guide Book:

Guides and Guide books are very popular and they concentrate on providing information on a specific topic or subject.

For Example:

A Guide To The 10 Best Tourist Attractions In Majorca

10 Simple Ways To Improve You’re your Golf Swing

How To Train Your Parrot To Talk in 10 Simple Steps

These types of guides are fairly easy to create, simply because you can set out the ebook in 10 chapters and then once you have covered each chapter, your book is complete.

Tips Ebook:

Ebooks that provide useful tips are also very popular and once again, are relatively easy to create.

For Example:

25 Money Saving Tips For Booking A Holiday

25 Tips For A Healthy Diet

25 Tips To Help Your Child Learn More At School

These Tip ebooks are easy to create because you can dedicate a page or a paragraph for each tip and once again, once you have covered each tip, your book is created, whether it is 5, 10 or 25 pages long.


Lists Ebook:

Lists are a great way to create an ebook quickly and these can be list of allsorts of different things such as:

List Of The Top 100 Best Selling Films of All Time

List Of The Top 100 Tourist Attractions In The World

List Of The Top 100 Baby Names

As you can see, the options are endless and compiling a list is very easy, as once you have done your research and your ebook is literally done for you.


Daily Ritual Ebooks:

Providing people with certain daily rituals can be a great way to create your ebooks.

For Example:

45 Days To Better Looking Skin

45 Days To Losing Your Belly Fat

45 Days To A less Stressful Life

As these are calendar based ebooks, they are pretty easy to create as all you need to do is complete each daily ritual for the 45 days etc.


Q&A Ebooks:

Questions and Answers ebooks are popular and very easy to create. All you need to do is find 10-20 commonly ask question on a certain subject and provide the answers to each question.

For Example:

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Learning To Ride A Horse

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Travelling To Spain

10 Commonly Asked Questions About buying Your First House

Using the Q&A format provides you with an easy template to produce and informative ebook with at least ten chapters.


Interviews With Experts Ebooks:

This really is a very easy way to create an informative ebook that will be in demand. Simply interview and expert in a certain field and then turn the interview into an ebook format. You will need to get the permission to turn it into and ebook from the expert you interviewed but once you get the go ahead, your ebook is pretty much already done.

Take a look a more ways to make money Online

If you wish to know more about ebooks and ebook publishing, you can download a FREEguide in the ‘Members Area’.


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