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Become An Online Tutor

Online education is more popular than ever before and Online Tutoring has certainly become a very popular option for people who wish to use their teaching skills Online. Becoming an Online Tutor, has definitely been made much more accessible over the past few year and has allowed many people to make an income from the comfort of their own homes.

This short guide is designed to provide you with a very basic overview of Online Tutoring and will hopefully provide you with a few ideas for your own Online teaching business.


What Can You Teach

Basically, if you have knowledge, experience or expertise in a subject, you can teach it Online. Whenever you mention teaching Online or Online Tutoring, you automatically imagine teaching subjects such as Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or languages but the list is endless. People are making good incomes teaching musical instruments, Martial Arts, Fitness, sports, Photography, Acting and much more. The bottom line, is that if you hold knowledge that people want to learn, they will be willing to pay for your knowledge.




How To Teach Online

There are several different ways in which people offer their services and to which they teach Online but the main two are:

One To One lessons

Group Lessons

Online Courses

Some Tutors choose to teach ‘One to One’ basis, while others prefer to teach via Online courses. There are many different advantages and disadvantages to both ways but which you choose, will obviously be down to personal preference and also which works best for you and your students.


One To One Lessons:

One to One lessons provide the personal touch and can be conducted through platforms such as Skype or WhatsApp (to name but a few). All you need to do, is set up a way for your students to pay you direct into your bank account and then once you have received monies into your account, teach them online via whichever portal you choose to use.

One to One lessons are probably the easiest way for you to start teaching Online. As well as being an easy way to attract new students to your Online lessons, the lifetime of your students will normally be much longer. This is generally because student having one to one lessons with you on a regular basis, usually one or two lessons per week for a long period of time. Another reason why offering one to one lessons is easier at the beginning, is that you do not have to create any products such as Online courses, ebooks or videos. You can plan your lessons as you go or when a new student has signed up.

Video Conferencing Software

There are now a number of great video conferencing software products available, that let to communicate and interact with your students very easily. Below, are just a few of the most popular video conferencing products used by a large number of online Tutors:

Zoom: Zoom is definitely a great product and is regarded the best by many people and you can try it yourself, for FREE.

Skype: Skype is another well known brand that is FREE for you to use.


Facebook Messenger:

Google Hangouts:


Group Lessons:

Group lessons are a really good way to leverage your time and increase the amount you earn per hour. Offering group lessons, allows you to charge less per person but actually earn more per hour than you would by holding one to one lessons.

For Example:

If you charged £40 per hour for your ‘one to one’ lessons, you could hold a group lesson for 4 people and charge each student £20 per hour. This would then generate you a nice income of £80 per hour, instead of just £40, doubling your hourly rate! However, although it is a great way to increase your hourly rate, it is actually a little harder to set up. The reason why it is a little harder to set up, is because you will need to get several student to agree set times for the group lessons, as well as have them commit to subscribing for a number of weeks. Another factor you will need to consider, is are all the students in the group at the same level.

This said, a great way to make it easier to offer group lessons, is for you to set up a FREE mailing list or newsletter that students can subscribe to. Once you have a larger number of students subscribing to your FREE newsletter, you can offer group lessons to your mailing list. This will ensure you have students at the same level as each other in each group lesson. Your group lesson could be offered in different levels such as:

Level 1 – Beginner

Level 2 – Intermediate

Level 3 – Advanced

Level 4 – Expert

If you run each group lessons in blocks of 10, you will ensure that you have a nice little income throughout the year.


Online Course:

Online courses are a great way for you to sell your services Online and can be used to create a regular passive income. Online courses can be offered using a Membership portal, in which your students register and pay to download your courses. This is a great way to offer your services to a much larger audience, as you do not have to physically be there to teach. All you need to do is create an ebook, a course or teaching videos and then upload them to your Members Area, for your students to download at their leisure. This can be a very lucrative way of teaching Online, especially if you can attract a large number of people to subscribe to your Members Area.

For Example:

Let’s say you created a series of 10 lessons and charged just £19.99 for people to download them in your Members Area. If you had 100 students subscribed to your Membership, then you would have made £1999.00 from them. Now, if you then created another 10 lessons every month, you would have a nice little income of £23,988 over 12 months.

Just imagine if you had 1000 students subscribed to your Membership Website?

The beauty of this, is that you only have to create your courses or film the videos once and once you have invested your time in creating the courses or videos, they will continue to earn you a passive income forever!


Tip: You may be thinking “How do I create a Course?” but here is an easy way to do it. From the beginning and the very first lesson you teach, ensure you plan your lesson in writing. Then, as you progress, you will have all your lessons documented, which can then in time, be turned into sellable products such as ebooks, courses and videos.

How To Attract Students:

One of the main key factors to teaching Online, is obviously having students but how do you attract new student to your services?

Well, there are many different ways you can attract new student but essentially, you need to set up a process that will:

1: Attract New Students

2: Tell Potential Student About Your Services And How You Can Help Them

3: Capture Their Details And Convert Them Into Paying Students


Attracting New Students:

One of the easiest ways to attract new student’s, is to simply offer them a FREE trial lesson. By offering a FREE trial lesson, you will entice new potential students to subscribe which will then allow you to convert them into paying students.

You can offer your FREE trial lesson in many different ways such as an Ad on Social Media, in a Classified Ad or Video. However, whichever you choose to promote your FREE trial lesson, be clear to explain why they should take the FREE Trial lesson and how the lesson will help them.

In your FREE trial lesson, you should then provide your student with great content and over deliver. Then, at the end of the FREE trial lesson, be clear as to why they should continue to subscribe and take more lessons with you.


Creating A Video:

Reaching an audience of potential students may seems hard but with platforms such a Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter is easier than yo may think.

Creating a basic video explaining who you are, what you do, how you can help people and then provide a simply ‘Call To Action’ is one of the easiest ways to get your services in front of a targeted audience.

Useful Video Creation Products:

Call To Action:

Your ‘Call To Action’ is simply offering your potential students something for FREE in which it make them take action to subscribe to your service. Your Call To Action, could be a FREE eBook, FREE video, FREE Trial lesson, FREE Audio Book. Basically, it is something that will make your potential student take action and subscribe, resulting in them providing you with their details and email address!

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Online Teaching Platforms

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