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Things To Do At Home For Fun

Are you looking for things to do at home that are fun? If you are stuck indoors, hopefully this page will provide you with a few things that you can do to pass the time.

This page is designed to provide a few easier solutions to help you find fun things to do at home when bored. If you simply just want to keep your mind and body active, there is plenty for you too.

There are various reasons, why you may need to stay indoors at home. Whatever your reason may be, there will be something on this page that will be suitable for your circumstances.


Many Reasons

Things To Do At Home For FunIf you have to stay at home for a long period of time, then you will no doubt be looking for different activities to indoors. Whether you are forced to stay in due to rain or bad weather, in self isolation, recovering from an illness or an operation or whether you have to stay at home for other reasons, the chances are, you will be looking for activities that will keep you occupied.




In This Guide

This guide is simply designed to provide you with ideas to which you can then adapt to suit your own circumstances. They are all things that you can do whether you are on your own, with your husband or wife, with family or friends, with your children, girlfriend or boyfriend.


A-Z List Of Fun Things To Do At Home:


1. Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts are a great wayArts & Crafts to stay active when you are at home. There are so many different types of Arts & Crafts you can choose to do. If you are creative, you will love learning new crafts and if you are not creative, then why not try something new and have a go.

If you are looking for fun things to do at home with your children, then they will love getting stuck in to making things. (Arts & Crafts Kit)



2. Baking

BakingThe smell of fresh baking is one of the nicest smells! What better way to spend a few hours at home baking on your own, with your husband, wife or children. Baking, is one of those great things to do at home as a family and is so easy to do. You can start baking simple things and then be a little more adventurous! Let’s face it, children love to get their hands messy and baking is a great way to keep them entertained.

The other bonus about baking is, you all get to eat the end product!



3. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Well, bookkeeping certainly is not one of those jobs the majority of people enjoy doing. This is probably why so many people put it off until another day. However, it is something that does need to be done and what better time to do it, than when you are stuck at home. If you are twiddling your thumbs, thinking of things to do at home to keep busy, do your bookkeeping. (Quickbooks)




4. Build A Website

Build A Website This really depends on how long you are stuck in door for. If you have ever wanted to set up your own website, then what better time to do it. Building your own website is not hard to do and if it very cheap, compared to how much it used to cost many years ago. There are so many good plug and play website builders now available, that really do make it very easy for the total beginner.

These allow you to build a website with no experience or knowledge of coding. Discover how to build your own website.



5. Call Friends And Family

Call FriendsEveryone likes a good chat, especially with people they haven’t spoke with in a while. If you have a little time on your hands and are stuck at home on your own, then why not use your time catching up with friends and family. Calling family friends and loved ones is one of those worthwhile things to do at home at night alone or through the day.

Obviously, don’t call them when they are at work, as they might not have the time to talk! If they are free, they will appreciate the call.



6. Card Tricks

Card TricksEveryone enjoys a good card trick, if you can perform them yourself, you will the centre of attention at parties. If you have ever wanted to able to performs a few tricks, then why not learn some amazing card tricks you can perform at parties, in the pub and other social gatherings.




7. Charades

Well, the old ones are the best and who cannot remember playing charades as a child? If you are at home with your children and wondering what you can do to keep them amused, why not play a simple game of Charades. It is free, good fun and will keep them entertained for a while.


8. Clean Your Windows

Ok, for some people it will seem just to much like hard work but this is another job, that gets put off. Cleaning the insides of your windows is a job that can be done, when you have nothing better to do. You might even find you actually enjoy it!





9. Cleaning

CleaningSome people hate it, while others really enjoy it! Whichever category you fall into, the cleaning always need to be done. If you are one of those people who really doesn’t like to do the cleaning, this might not sound fun. However, if you are bored and stuck in the house, you might actually be thankful for something to do! Doing your household chores and cleaning your house, will certainly keep you occupied for several hours!




10. Colouring

ColouringWhat child doesn’t enjoy colouring? Whether is is pictures in colouring books or pictures you have downloaded from the Internet, colouring is fun. Not only is it fun, it will keep children entertained for hours. Not only will it keep them entertained but it will help them with co-ordination.




11. Competitions

CompetitionsWell, they say you have to be in it to win it and that is very true! People actually make large amounts of money each year from entering competitions. Not only that, they win fantastic prizes such as holidays, tickets to events, new products, clothes, gift vouchers, cars and more. The problem with entering a large number of competitions, is that people simply do not have the time to enter them. However, if you are at home with nothing to do and plenty of time on your hands, then why not enter competitions?

Most competitions are free to enter and the more you enter, will only increase your chances of winning. Learn More About Entering Competitions.


12. Conferences

ConferencesIf you are forced to stay at home staying in touch in contact with work colleagues may be essential. Keeping up-to-date with everything that is going on in your workplace, can be done via web conferences. Web conferences, allow you participate in meetings, which will allow you to continue to your work, from home. Conferences, are also good for people who are members of certain groups, organisation or clubs.




13. Cooking

CookingIf you have time on your hands, why not take the time to do a little more home cooking? Dig out your old recipe books and work your way through them or find new recipes online. Try cooking a different recipe every day if possible. Cooking your meals from scratch, is not only a great way to save money but it is a fantastic way to ensure you eat healthy! Discover New Recipes




14. Costume Party

Costume PartyIf you are at home with the children and looking for new things to do, then why not have a ‘Costume party’. It’s amazing what clothes you will have hidden away in your wardrobes! Mix dressing up with other activities such as creating costume jewellery and making hats, you will have hours of fun. Not only that, you can also put out party food, pop and crisps, that your children will really enjoy.




15. Create A Scrap Book

Create A ScapbookWell, sadly scrap books are becoming a thing of the past. This is simply because we now store our photos on computers, phones, hard drives or the Cloud Online. However, having a physical tangible product that you and your family can keep, is much more precious. Something you can look back on and share memories, is still a lovely item to have as you get older.




16. Crochet

CrochetCrocheting is a very popular hobby craft that many people partake in worldwide. If you have never tried it or have been considering trying it, then why not try it when you are at home, with nothing to do. The beauty of this hobby is that at the end of the process, you have a product that you can!




17. Cross Stitching

Cross Stitching is one of the many popular Hobby Crafts, that people take up as one of their hobbies. The craft, is a type of counted thread embroidery and is one of the easiest types of hand embroidery to learn. If you are stuck in your house for a long period of time, taking up a hobby such as Cross Stitching is something to consider. It will keep you busy and is a great activity to help pass the time.




18. Crosswords

CrosswordsNot everyone’s cup of tea but doing crosswords on a regular basis will certainly help keep your brain active. Most newspapers have a daily crossword and you can also find many different types of crosswords Online. Many companies and organisations, offer rewards and prizes for completing their crosswords. So, why not enter your completed crosswords and receive rewards for your efforts!




19. Dance

DancingWell, they say dancing is good for the soul and also for your health! So, why not enjoy yourself while receiving a workout in the process? If you are already a dancer, then keep up your dancing while you are stuck at home would be good. If you think you have two left feet, then why not use your free time to learn how to dance? There are so many different types of dancing classes now Online to suit all ages and people.

Whether you are isolated at home by yourself with someone else, dancing is a great activity to do. It is also great to do with your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, there are dance lesson to suit all!


20. Declutter

De-ClutterHow much stuff do you have scattered around your Home, that you simply never use anymore? We all have a wide range of things that we keep, just because we do not want to let them go. We all keep them ‘just in case we might need them in the future’. The chances are, we will never use these items in the future and just need to be ruthless! When you are stuck in your house looking for things to do, have a walk around each room and declutter.

You will be amazed at what you find! You can even make money from your efforts, either selling them on Ebay or selling at a car boot sale.


21. Decorating

DecoratingWell, how long have you been putting of that decorating you keep talking about doing? Painting the lounge, wallpapering your bedroom or just touching up those banisters and door frames that need attention. Now is the best time to get on top of all your decorating that needs to be done and getting your house back to how you want it.




22. DIY

DIYThis is probably one of the first things that people think about, when they know they will need to stay indoors. The natural reaction people have is to say “well I can get all those jobs done.” Have a think about what DIY jobs can be done in your house, make a list and start working your way through them. Even if you don’t get them all done, at least you will have done a number of jobs that you wouldn’t have completed, had you not started them.




23. Drawing

Drawing certainly does not need any introduction and is one of the most popular free activities for children to do at home. However, drawing certainly just isn’t for children and is a great way for people of all ages to pass their time. Drawing is not only a great way to pass the time but it is also therapeutic and a fantastic way to relax. If you are a talented Artist, you can always sell your art Online, on the many platforms for Arts & Crafts.




24. Exercise

ExerciseExercise is essential to keep our bodies active an and healthy. If you need to stay inside or are on lockdown, then exercising at is very easy. If you are going to be at home for a long period of time ensuring you get exercise is advisable. Putting some form of exercise into your daily routine is key and will help keep you active and healthy.

There are so many different forms of exercises you can do while you are stuck at home. Whether it is just a simple exercise or a much higher intensity workout, every little helps. Bodyweight exercises are great, as they do not require any additional equipment. All you need is yourself! Simple bodyweight exercise include squats, press ups, lunges, planks, jumping jacks and leg raises. Read More About Bodyweight Exercises.

If you want a more active workout, there are plenty of DVD’s and videos Online to follow.


25. Face Painting

Face PaintingIf you are at home with your children and are looking for things to do, then Face Painting is a great activity. Children just love to have their face painted and it is something that will keep them amused for hours. There are now so many different options in terms of designs and you can even by stencils for both boys and girls. Face painting stencils are perfect if you are a complete novice and include a range of different designs. If you are feeling more creative, why not try your hand at freestyling and attempt some of the classics. Classics such as The Butterfly, Tiger, Spiderman, Pirate, Cat, Puppy, Princess and more.



26. Gardening

Gardening WeedingIf you have a garden and are at home, then now is the best to give your garden the TLC it needs. Most people simply do not have as much time as the would like to attend their garden. As a result, their gardens fall into neglect and generally need attention. Not only will your spare time allow you to enjoy your garden, it will provide the fresh air you need. Gardening can also be very therapeutic and give you the break from being indoors.

Simple tasks such as weeding, deadheading plants, watering plants and mowing the lawn, will help pass the time.



27. Goals List

Goal SettingEveryone has certain goals they would like to achieve but having the time to reach them is hard. Life simply gets in the way and before we know it, time has flown by. One of the main reasons why people never reach their goals is because they don’t have a clear plan. Setting out your goals and writing them down is a great way to start. Writing down your goals in a list, provides you with a clear objective as to what you want to achieve. It also gives you a tangible reference that you can look at to remind you of where you want to be.

Goal setting is used by a large number of successful people and if you have a number of goals, put them in a list. Using your spare time while you are at home, is the perfect time to set out your goals.


28. Golf Practice Your Putting

If you are a golf enthusiast, then why not get out your Putter and practice your putting skills. All you need is your putter and a plastic cup or any other cup shaped object. Set it a distance away from your person and try to put your golf balls into the cup.

Another thing you can do is clean your clubs. Clubs always need cleaning and it is something that is put off. However the grooves in the club heads get filled with dirt and need cleaning on a regular basis. Using you spare time when you are staying in at home, is the perfect time to clean your golf clubs.


29. Hair

If you are bored when you are staying at home, then why not use your time trying out a few new hair styles. Creating new hair styles is one of the free fun things to do at home by yourself or with your family. Go Online and find a few hair styles you like and then put your creative skills to work. You never know, you might just come across a hair style that really suits you!


30. Hide and Seek

Well, I bet there isn’t many people who don’t remember playing hide and seek at home on a rainy day. Those memories as a child of hiding in your house are cherished memories and ones you can provide your children with. Hide and seek is one of those really good things to do at home with kids that costs nothing. No matter how big or small your house may be,you can enjoy this simple and easy pastime.

We hope that this page has provided you with several ideas and allows you to find a range of things to do at home for fun.

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